, Install Mpstream On Android

All what you need to do are the following steps
(Open with a modern and updated browser like Chrome or Safari):

  • Click on "Add Mpstream to home screen" when asks you
  • That's all enjoy !

If you missed the call of your browser or didn't know about it, no problem you can do it manually !

  1. Click on the three vertical points on the top-right of your browser
  2. Click on add to home screen
  3. That's all enjoy !

The following pictures show you the steps to follow:

This method is much better than an APK (which is not secure)

  1. No Google Play
  2. Save your Space
  3. Quick install/Uninstall
  4. Safe and use less energy
  5. Secure, No APK, no System Interaction !

The final result: